+44-800-778-9103 How to fix Windows error 0xc000021a

Windows is a known name across the world and used by almost everyone nowadays. Windows is a core product of Microsoft and it has several versions after the launch and version has some unique features and functionality. The latest version is Windows 10 which was launched recently with multiple features for the users. Apart from the amazing features and functions in it, you might confront some technical hiccups while using and for the same, you need some help in order to resolve the issue. You can even resolve the issue yourself and we are providing the solution for the issue over here. You will be required to just follow the steps one by one strictly. In any case, you failed to resolve the issue or might face any error while following the process; you have another option to handle the issue in the form of Windows activation phone number UK +44-8007789103 where qualified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue within no time.

Before starting any process of solution, you are required to first understand that, why this error occurred and the reason behind it.

Well, such kind of error occurs when the Windows updating process is there and it failed to update in a proper way. This error is due to two files which are mentioned below-

  • exe: The use of this file is for login and logout operations in Windows and if this file is corrupt due to mismatch of system files. You can’t login after the corruption of file
  • exe: Another reason behind the error is the second file which is causing this error is Csrss.exe. This .exe file is a part of Microsoft server and if this file is being corrupted then this error is in the result.

Windows Activation Phone Number UK +44-800-778-9103

The solution for the Windows error 0xc000021a

There are several methods which can be utilized to resolve the Windows error

Method 1: Repair Corrupt System Files

Download and run Reimage Plus by clicking here to scan for corrupt files, if corrupt and missing files are found, repair them.

Method 2: Booting Windows Manually

It is required to boot the Windows manually in order to resolve the issues.

Method 3: Fix the Issue using SFC Scan

If you find that you are not able to resolve the issue, then you can use scan checker to check it out whether there is any virus or malware existing in the system

It can be seen from above description that, you can resolve the issue in an easy way if you will follow the steps which are provided above in the process. It’s quite easy for everyone. Even after that if anyone confronts any kind of problem while following the steps, then there is another option in the form of Microsoft Support Phone Number UK+44-8007789103 where you will be assisted by the well-qualified and experienced technicians who will assist and resolve every issue within a short span of time. You can avail our services in 24×7 online 365 days and can get the perfect solution on instant basis.



How to Fix McAfee Error 12152 or 7305? UK +44-800-778-9103

McAfee is known as the topmost Antivirus in the world with millions of users who are utilizing its features and function to protect their different kinds of gadgets from dangerous cyber-threats. Yes, we are in the modern age of technology where the Internet is a must for everyone and at the same time, there are some disadvantages too such virus malware, spyware, and many other threats which can really damage your system and can steal your vital information for a malicious purpose. To prevent all such things you have McAfee which is designed and developed for the safety of user’s system and information with the quick and amazing McAfee Customer Service where you can resolve every query related to McAfee. Apart from such amazing features, McAfee users might face some technical issue while using it. Yes, it possible sometimes and even in the downloading process, you might confront with some error 12152 or 7305. Such errors can’t be handled by yourself and you need some help for the same. In order to resolve the issue, we are providing a solution with a complete process where you are required to follow some simple steps carefully as even a single mistake can lead to a disaster and windows files might get corrupted. In case your feet that you are unable to resolve the issue through the provided solution and facing some error in that, then you have another solution in the form of McAfee Customer Service Number +44-8007789103 where highly skilled experts will assist you in resolving the issue with a quick and accurate response.

How to Fix McAfee Error 12152 or 7305 UK +44-800-778-9103


Causes of the error 12152 or 7305 in McAfee Antivirus

Well, such kind of error occurs due to failed download/ install or even missing some files in the download package. This is quite a prominent error in Windows OS, where the McAfee download servers cause this error. If you want to resolve this error then you can easily follow the steps one by one which is provided below. There are few methods which can be tried one by one-

Solution to fix McAfee error 12152 or 7305:

Method – Use Pre-Install tool:

  • To start the process, first of all, you will be needed to download the Pre-Install tool and save that on the system.
  • Now you have to just double click on the downloaded file of Pre-Install_Tool.exe, and after that, you need to click on the Yes option to allow the changes to the system.
  • After that, you need to follow the instructions and after the installation of the Pre-Install tool just click on the Ok button.
  • Now you will be required to click on the Close button and after that, you can restart your system, which will save the changes you have made.
  • Finally, in this step, you can download and install the required version of McAfee on the system.

The above-provided method can resolve your issue in McAfee while downloading/installing, but you have to remember one thing that all these steps should be followed in a proper way otherwise it will be difficult to rectify the issue. In case you face any error while following the provided steps then no need to worry as there is another way to sort out the issue with the help of McAfee Support Number UK +44-8007789103 where your problem related to McAfee will be resolved in a short period of time and the qualified technicians will assist them in this process without any hassle.