How you can fix the “unlicensed product and activation error in MS Office”?

MS office is widely used software for every purpose whether it is in offices or at home for personal uses. Everyone must be aware of its usefulness as it has many applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and many others that are useful for different purposes. It has many features and functions and mainly used for completing a task in offices. Apart from such amazing features, there are some technical issues too that might be faced by you while installing it such as activation or unlicensed product error. These errors need to be resolved in an instant manner and you can solve even by yourself with the help of a provided solution over here where you need to follow the steps properly. In case you failed to resolve to an error by the provided solution then you have another way to sort it out through MS Office Customer Support Number UK  +44-800-778-9103 where you will get assistance by the certified professionals within a short span of time

The solution for activation and unlicensed MS Office error

There are few reasons behind this error and you need to check out them first in order to sort out the issue such as-

Step 1: Sign in with the right account

To start the process of solution you need to sign in the MS Office account with the correct email id to rectify the issue. You are required to sign in the email account that is associated with MS Office. You can find the Office subscription over there and if it is not there your email-id won’t work. If you have the product then you can see the email-id associated with the product and you need to follow the steps below-:

  1. In the beginning, you need to visit the official website
  2. After that, you need to sign in by using the Microsoft account.
  3. Now you have to just enter your product key.
  4. Finally, you have to confirm the partial email address that is on the dialogue box as it is the email address that the product key is associated with. After that, you will be required to sign in by using this email id to activate MS Office.

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The method that is mentioned above for resolving the issue in MS Office can be helpful for you if you will follow the steps strictly as they are explained. In any case, if you failed to do so then no need to worry as you have another option to resolve the issue with the help of MS Office Helpline Number UK +44-800-778-9103 and the professional experts will assist you in rectifying the error within a short period of time and without any hassle. You can reach out to the technicians at any time, as our services are available 24×7 online. Our technicians will diagnose the error in a speedy way and provide you the best solution and if it will require then they will assist you through even remote support.


+44-800-778-9103 How to fix setup installation error in MS office?

MS office is known as one of the best application suites for everyone, which can assist you in managing official work in a proper way. It is one of the core products of Microsoft and initially launched in 1998. After the first launch, it evolved a lot in the manner of technology and its features and functions. Sometimes, while installing the setup of MS Office, you may face some technical errors, which can’t be resolved on your own and need some help related to same. The installation error might be a different kind of, but you can have the solution for all that as we have a team of skilled and qualified technicians and you can reach out directly to them through MS Office Customer Support Number UK +44-800-778-9103 and they will handle every issue you face in MS office installation. You can resolve the issue by following the steps provided in the below process and you need to follow them very strictly.

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Process for the solution of MS Office Setup Installation error

Below are the steps for resolving the issue hence you need to follow all the steps-

Before starting the solution first you are required to uninstall Office by using the fixit tool, which can be downloaded through Microsoft official website.

After completing the step of un-installation of MS office successfully you are required to install MS Office in clean boot,

To know the process of that how to get to clean boot, you have to follow the below steps:

  1. First, you need to press the windows key + r
  2. After that, you need to type msconfig.exe in the given space
  3. Now you will see a system configuration pop up, you have to select the SELECTIVE STARTUP button
  4. Now you need to uncheck both check buttons and then just click on Apply and then click on Yes to restart the Prompt,
  5. In the final step of this process after rebooting the system, you can reinstall the MS office in the Clean Boot Mode.

If you want to move to the normal startup then just follow the steps below,

  1. First, you need to press windows key + r
  2. After that, you have to type msconfig.exe, and doing so a system config will pop up
  3. Now you have to select the NORMAL STARTUP button and just click on YES button to restart the prompt,
  4. Now you will be back in the normal mode.

The process, which is provided above, is the best way to resolve the error in the MS Office installation. Before starting the process, you are required to remember that, every step in this process is very important and you have to follow them in a proper manner. In case you failed to do so or face some another problem while following the steps then no need to be panic as you have another way to sort out the issue through MS Office Customer Service Number UK +44-800-778-9103 where you will get the assistance from qualified technicians 24×7 online. You have the chance to avail the service in resolving the errors without any kind of a hassle and in an easy way. You will be provided the best and perfect solution within a short span of time