Learn how to Fix Office error 1706 : Microsoft Support Number UK +44-800-778-9103

 MS Office is playing a vital role in every organization as it can serve many purposes for all. It has many applications for different work such a Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, and others. All such pre-installed are newly installed applications needs updatations on time or if you find any new version then you are suggested to install the latest version of MS Office to keep yourself updated. It is quite possible that while installing a new feature or in the process of repairing, you might face some technical glitches in it and that might hold up your work as well. It is quite natural that you can’t handle such issues by yourself as you might not be that techno-savvy, so in order to resolve the mentioned issue, we are providing a complete process of the solution so that you can easily continue your work on MS Office. There is a possibility that you may face some problem while following the process and need some help too. Well, it’s not a big issue as you can have the assistance 24×7 through Microsoft Support Number UK +44-8007789103 where qualified technicians will always be ready to handle your error and in this case, also they will provide you the best solution in a short period of time.

Learn how to Fix Office error 1706 Microsoft Support Number UK +4-800-778-9103

How will you recognize an error in MS office?

It happens whenever you try to install or repair or even for the features updations in the MS Office and for that you insert the CD for the first time, you might receive an error message like below-

Error 1706. Setup cannot find the required files. Check your connection to the network, or CD-ROM drive. For other potential solutions to this problem, see C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\1033\Setup.hlp.

It means the setup is unable to find the required files which are essential for installing the setup.

Causes of the Error 1706

There are few reasons behind the error and it can occur if you find all the following conditions are true:

  • If the MS office is originally installed from a network administrative account.
  • If the Network Administrative installation is not available now for you.
  • When you are prompted for Windows Installer for the Office source location and you try to use Office CD-ROM.
  • If by mistake or accidentally clicked on Cancel option it was asked to insert the CD.

If the above-mentioned points become a part of your installation then it is sure that the error will occur because Windows Installer unable to resolve the difference between the two source type as the file in Administrative Installation are uncompressed and the compressed files on the CD-ROM.

The solution for the Error 1706 in MS Office

As we already find out the reasons behind the error, hence its time to resolve it in an easy way which depends whether Network Administrative Installation is available or not as it is the right way to resolve the issue.

Use an Alternative Network Administrative Installation

If you find that you can’t have the original Administrative Installation rights from which it was installed earlier, then there is another option for you as you can use alternate network Administrative Installation for the Office source file location. To do so you can follow the steps provided below-

  1. At the beginning of the process, you are required to click on the Start button and after that click on the Run option.
  2. After that, you need to type a command line in the Open Box which should be similar to the following, and after that, you need to click on the OK button-

new network path\Setup.exe /fvm package name.msi

int he above command line new network path is the complete path of the alternative network administrative installation and the package name is the name of the Windows Installer .msi package on the root of this administrative installation.

  1. Finally, you will be required to click on the OK option just after when the update is finished.

You are required to remember one thing as just after the following the steps above, the Windows Installer will use this new server location whenever it will be needed to reinstall, repair, or for adding a feature to your Office installation.

A process which is provided above for the Error 1706 in MS Office is a complete solution and you can easily resolve the error just by following the steps one by. You should remember one thing over here that the steps should be followed in a proper way as even a single mistake in following the steps can cause a bigger problem for you. If you feel that you can’t handle it or even if face any error while following the steps then you have another option in the form of Microsoft Contact Number UK +44-8007789103 where technicians of level six will accompany you in resolving the error. You can rely on the support services as the team has well qualified and skilled experts who will assist you 24×7 online with a hassle-free process.


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