How to troubleshoot Norton error “8504, 104” dial for +44-800-778-9103

In the modern age of technology, there are several benefits as well as some disadvantages too. Nowadays everyone is utilizing sophisticated gadgets and system and most of the time they are on the Internet. The Internet can provide you a handsome knowledge at the same some problems too as there are several cyber threats which can damage your system as well as can steal your vital information. In order to protect the system and information, you have an option in the form of Norton Antivirus which can be utilized for the safety and security of every kind of gadgets and system. There is a possibility that you might face some technical hiccups while using Norton Antivirus such as the Norton Error 8504,104. Well, you are required not to be panic for such issues as you can resolve this error with the help of Norton Phone Number +44-8007789103 where you will be assisted by the qualified and skilled technicians within a short period of time.


The causes of the error 8504, 104 in Norton-

Before providing the solution of the said error, we would like to explain the reason behind the error occurred in front of you while using Norton like-

  • There is a possibility that you might have Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Norton Antivirus and due to that, you may face such error.
  • It can occur due to corruption in Windows registry from a recent Norton Antivirus change whether it is installed or uninstall.
  • Sometimes few dangerous Virus or malware infection might corrupt Windows system files or Norton Antivirus related program files.
  • There is a possibility that you may delete some files of Norton or by another program maliciously or mistakenly and due to that such kind of error might occur.


The solution for fixing the Norton error 8504, 104-

To fix the above error, you will be required to follow the below-provided steps in a strict manner –

Step1:  to start the process of fixing the error in Norton you have to first repair the registries linked with the error 8504, 104.

Step 2: After repairing the registry files you have to initiate a malware scan for the system.

Step 3: After the previous step you are required to clean up the system’s junk file which includes all the temporary files and all the folders with the help of Disk Cleanup.

Step 4: In this step, you will be needed to update all the device drivers on the system or you can reinstall the drivers.

Step 5: Here you can utilize the windows system restore option to cancel all the changes which are done recently.

Step 6: After the step  5 you will be required to reinstall Norton Antivirus.

Step 7: Now in this step you are required to run the windows system file checker.

Step 8: Towards final step of the process you can install all the windows updates.

Step 9: In the final step you will be needed the installation of windows.

As it can be seen from the above-mentioned description that by following all the provided steps in a proper manner, you can easily resolve the Norton Error 8504, 104. In case if you failed to do so then you have another option as you can utilize the help system through Norton Customer Service Number U.K. +44-8007789103 where you will be supported by the certified experts who will handle the issue without any kind of hassle. You can reach out to the support system 24×7 online.


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